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Power Center for Aquariums

Power Center for Aquariums
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Power Center
  • Overview

    The Power Center is an easy-to-use 24-hour timer and 8-outlet indoor power strip in one convenient unit. This unit has 4 constant-power outlets, perfect for your filters, skimmers etc, and 4-timer-controlled outlets (2 daytime / 2 nighttime) to make your day and night cycle applications easier to manage. When the 2 daytime timer controlled outlets are on, the 2 nighttime timer controlled outlets are off. This makes it very easy to control your night, nightlight, moonlight and wavemaker applications. Includes 3' power cord and 15 amp circuit breaker. UL Approved.

  • Customer Reviews
    Customer Reviews for Power Center for Aquariums
    Average Customer Rating (3 Reviews)

    Easy to set and reliable
    Effecient - dependable -easy to set
    It is good to see that the dial version of these power strips is still available. I found this model to be much more reliable than it's newer digital cousin - and much easier to set. I had one like this for years - it always worked - until I got water on it (my fault - not the power strip's fault). I replaced it with a digital model that failed shortly after I purchased it (timer doesn't work - no mater how many times I set it - but the four "on-all-the-time" outlets still work). Since my fish actually prefer to swim in their blue "night light", I manually operate the strip fluorescent lights (I don't have live plants so all is well. Fluorescent lights are only on a few hours each day when I am sitting watching the fish and feeding times). The digital power strip was purchased with a gift card from a friend, so I am keeping it.
    Experience with Product: More than 1 year
    Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
    Recommended: Yes
    Lima, Ohio

    A power center that saved my home
    Easy to Use, Effective, Safe, Durable, Good Value
    I had to go on vacation for two weeks and I wanted all the lightning and fish feeders working while i'm gone. I just added and set up my chiller before I left. I tested them all to see if everything will work just right and they did. I was very confident that this power center would provide safety to my fish during my absence. When I got back from vacation, I found out that the way I set up my chiller was wrong and it failed. It spilled water all over the floor and found out that the power center already half way burned from the water spill. It saved my house tremendously. it stopped the fire from spreading throughout the house. And I was very grateful that I bought it. It totally protected my fish and the entire house. I stopped using the chiller for my fish. they survived without it. And my fish wouldn't have survived if I never got this power center at all. It's worth the price, really powerful as it stated and very safe to use.
    Experience with Product: Casual Fish Keeper
    Recommended: Yes
    Menifee, Ca.

    Simple and does a nice job
    Easy to Use, Effective, Safe, Good Value, Durable
    Provides good flexibility with timed and non-timed power needs.
    Experience with Product: Experienced Aquarist
    Recommended: Yes
    millersville, md