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EasyStrips Complete Kit

EasyStrips Complete Kit
19544 046798195443
25 pack
  • Overview

    Tetra EasyStrips Complete Test Strip Kit allows you to test your aquarium water quickly, easily and accurately. Simply dip the strip directly into the water and compare the colors on the strip to the color coded chart for results. For freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Contains 25 strips of 6-in-1 (nitrate, nitrite, chlorine, general hardness, alkalinity and pH) and 25 ammonia strips.

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    Customer Reviews for EasyStrips Complete Kit
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    One of the best strips on the market
    Fast, Safe, and simple to use
    I purchased this product in the 100 strip kit and I absolutely love it. It has a color chart right on the container to make your test easy to read, in fact I have shown my wife once, and now when I am not at home, I call her, tell her to go down and check each of my 125 gallon tanks and within a minute she is back on the phone giving me the complete results. Totally Amazing product from Pet Solutions. D
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