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Doggie Dooley Model 3000

Doggie Dooley Model 3000Doggie Dooley Digester EnzymeDoggie Dooley Model 3000 - Installed in YardDoggie Dooley Model 3000 - Diagram of Hole Installation MeasurementsDoggie Dooley Model 3000 on White Background - Lid ClosedDoggie Dooley Model 3000 on White Background - Lid Open
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1 lb. Super Waste Digester
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Doggie Dooley Model 3000
  • Overview

    Doggie Dooley

    Galvanized steel unit with foot operated lid opener. Cover is constructed of heavy-duty insulated plastic. Built-in overflow device releases treated liquid into the ground. Includes 6 month supply of digester enzymes. Recommended for 1-2 pets. 14 1/2" deep by 11 1/4" diameter.

  • Customer Reviews
    Customer Reviews for Doggie Dooley Model 3000
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    Install per directions
    Nice foot pedal, easy maintenance
    foot pedal can break not all seasons in the north
    You MUST install this product in a drain hole with gravel or stones under it. If you take the garden hose and flush every week you will keep the odor down. Remember you are pitching leaves, twigs grass and everything else your dog has swallowed so the drainage pipe can get clogged. Just loosen the soil around the top 1/3 and rotate the can 15 degrees. I don't find the enzyme useful.
    Experience with Product: More than 1 year
    Experience in Hobby: Expert
    Recommended: Yes
    Chicago Suburb

    great for our large dog (80lb)
    This has been great for us....we have 1 large dog,a german shorthair, and feed him premium food, so only one to 2 piles per day go in far, has been great, not much of an odor and the tree next to it is going hog wild with growth////
    Experience with Product: 1-12 months
    Experience in Hobby: Beginner
    omaha nebraska

    Smartest, Helpful Poop Invention Yet!
    Good Construction, Easy To Assemble, Lightweight
    Retains Odors
    This is the best way I have found to keep my yard free of poop! I have used my "Dooley 3000" for prob 2 or 3 yrs now & it is the best investment and INEXPENSIVE! I use it for my 2 large dogs on a daily basis (seasonally of course, as it doesn't work during the winter up here) and if you follow the directions for adding the water and enzymes correctly, then it works great. It was kinda a pain to digs a 4-6 ft deep hole to set it in originally, but the labor has definitely paid off!
    Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
    Recommended: Yes
    Pittie Mama

    dooley owner 2000 model
    place to put dog waste
    smells terrible when lid is open,
    i bought the 2000 model for my 2 big dogs not good for 2 big dogs 100 lbs each, the unit smells and can stop working if u go on vacation which can be a mess. need sometheing for the smell.
    Experience with Product: 1-12 months
    Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
    Recommended: Yes
    dooley owner

    Oh No!
    It was a great system when we started using it for our two 50 pound dogs in the middle of last summer. However, even though we followed all the directions and faithfully have added enzymes every week, it is full to capacity and no longer draining. I just called for answers and was told that it happens after a year or two of use and that it must be dug up and moved to a new location. Anyone offering their services for the job? I didn't think so.
    Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
    Recommended: No
    Pownal Maine