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Safe Paw Ice Melter

Safe Paw Ice MelterSafe Paw Ice Melter
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8 lb. 3 oz.
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35 lb.
  • Overview

    Safe Paw Ice Melter is an environmentally safe, salt-free way to melt ice from your sidewalk, driveway, or other walk ways. This highly concentrated formula is a proven traction agent that helps prevent slips and falls. Safe Paw Ice Melter is safe for your pets, your children, and the environment, since it does not contain salt. Instead, it contains a patented dual-effect compound that first breaks the surface tension and then attracts solar heat to melt the remaining ice. It also leaves an invisible "shield" that prevents ice from sticking to treated surfaces for up to 3 days, which makes shoveling easier. Safe Paw is safe on your pet's paws, eyes, and skin. It is also safe if your pet eats, swallows, or ingests Safe Paw Ice Melter. Melts in sub-zero temperatures. Pet and child safe. 100% salt-free, environmentally safe.

    Safe Paw Ice Melter is guaranteed safe:

    • around pets (paws, eyes, and skin)
    • if pets eat, swallow, or ingest
    • on concrete* and asphalt
    • on lawns and shrubs
    • on all decking materials
    • on floors and rugs
    • for the environment
    • to be non-corrosive

    *Properly formulated well air entrained concrete which is installed in accordance with the Portland Cement Assoc. procedures. Never on concrete less than 12 months old or a precast concrete. Liability limited to product refund (through Safe Paw, via Gaia Enterprises).

  • Specifications

    Directions for Use

    Apply to snow and icy surfaces. Remove excess slush. Avoid generating dust. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep container securely closed and away from children. In case of eye contact, wash immediately with plenty of water and get medical attention. For adult use only.


    Modified Carbonyldiamide Crystal, Special Glycols, Non-ionic Surfactants Accelerants, Proprietary Traction Agents, Special Inhibitors

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